Helping One of Our Own: Christopher Dimino

We have a Brother Knight in need of urgent assistance as his Mom, who is working with our St Joseph Ministry and the Parish Office, deals with some dire economic challenges due to a lengthy unpaid furlough and recent unemployment. Her son, Christopher, is a member of our Council and is a special needs Adult that is and will always need to be under the care of his Mother. Jeanene is a faith filled Mother who is working hard to secure employment however, financially, she is living week to week and one of her other immediate challenges is that she does not have a computer. She only has/uses her Smartphone for all communication and as a Counsel we are working to provide her a computer and printer. In addition, if you want to assist her financially, we going to use our donation 'giving' approach (ie: Resources for Seniors and Nicole Gould Guitar Lessons) as a means to collect money which can be used to ensure we can provide the best overall computer solution and also some funds to address her emergency needs.

Please prayerfully consider assisting if you can and if not at this time, keep them in your prayers as she seeks gainful employment.

If you have any questions, please contact us below.

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